Theories and Pratice of teaching

The school boasts a teaching team of high professional ethic, great learning, rigorous scholarship and keen on reform. Now the school has more than 100 special-class teachers and senior-class teachers, 20 teachers with PHD degree, among whom 3 are postdoctoral, 7 teachers with the honor of Municipal Level Pace-setters, and nearly 60 teachers with that of District Level. Beijing No.4 high school proposes that the development ought be “based on the humanistic education, specialized in scientific and technological education”. It always adheres to all-round education, stimulates students’ learning desire and develop their learning ability. The educational philosophy of the school is “The Nurturing of Human Beings by Human Beings, thus Creating Mutual Developments”.


                    Students in the optional course                                   Education seminar of Beijing No 4 Chinese master teacher, Liu Kui


Project of the general technology course- Cantilever beam                          Seminar of classroom tutors


The annual high school enrollment consultation                                                18-years-old adult ceremony


Cooperative research of the teacher and students                                                Annual seminar of the young teachers