Every year, over one hundred students are admitted into Peking and Tsinghua University, and 99% of graduates are qualified for key universities. Around fifty students are accepted by world famous universities, such as Yale, Harvard and Princeton University. In international Olympic Contests, students have won a total of 9 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. Each year, over one hundred students won the prizes in the level of district, city, national and international competitions of various subjects and science, as well as sports.

Zhang Shangjia won gold medal at the 7th Asia Pacific Astronomy Olympics in 2011

Hu rui (first on the right) is entitled the 8th " Youth Scientists of Tomorrow "
Li Xinran win the first place in the National Middle-school student Physical Olympic Competition and is elected into the national teamSun Weiyue won gold medal at the Canadian Computing Competition in 2012

Zhao Yuanzhao's invention "A New Junction of

Trolleybus " won gold medal at the 40th Geneva International Invention Exposition

Our group wins the second place in the 61th Intel International Science and Engineering Grand Prix