The Overall Development Target of Beijing No.4 High School

Our aim at Beijing No. 4 High is to develop into a distinctive, exemplary, first-class high school of fame in the world.We endeavor to create on campus a spiritual home for the faculty and students and the starting point of their colorful life, where they can have chances of development, enjoy the pleasure in growth, understand responsibilities and conscience, develop their potentials continuously, and take a positive attitude toward the future.


Guiding Ideology of Beijing No.4 High School

Beijing No.4 High School persists in the guiding ideology of “Four Combinations”, that is, the combination of inheriting and carrying forward its fine tradition and reforming and innovating, the combination of promoting students’ comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, sports, aesthetics and developing individuality and specialty, the combination of paying attention to routine work and strengthening educational and teaching research, and the combination of administering strict and regular management with creating a relaxing and harmonious humanistic environment. 


Education Objectives of Beijing No.4 High School

The education aims to cultivate outstanding Chinese of the following qualities: a sense of loyalty (to one’s country and community) and service (for society and other people) and the attitude of pursuing excellence in their profession and life. In other words, graduates from Beijing No. 4 High School can learn to work and live in a graceful manner in the future and grow up to be citizens successful in their professions as well as in their life and beneficial to society. To be specific, the students of Beijing No.4 High School are cultivated to possess the following qualities:

1.   a noble moral character and a strong sense of social responsibility;

2.   a strong sense of patriotism, with rich cultural heritage and the national spirit of the Chinese nation;

3.   the ability to adapt to changes, the ability of self-improvement, and the spirit of continuing to learn, to make progress, to innovate, and to open up new frontiers.

4.   a sense of citizenship (learning to respect, to handle interpersonal relations, to cooperate, to choose, to integrate, and to understand democracy, respect discipline, to value sincerity, honesty, self-respect and confidence) and civilized habits;

5.   solid fundamental knowledge of the subjects, and the awareness and ability to solve practical problems;

6.   diversified personality, healthy physique and mentality, and a positive and optimistic attitude toward life.


Motto of Beijing No.4 High School: Industry, Precision, Democracy and Innovation

Industry: Teachers are industrious at work and students are industrious at studies.

Precision: Teachers are meticulous in their work and students endeavor to do better at their studies.

Democracy: Teachers and students respect each other and get along in harmony. Individuality is respected. It is advocated that teachers and students develop in an autonomous and harmonious way.

Innovation: Don’t blindly follow authorities, accept bookish ideas, adjust to foreign judgments or to follow the crowds.


Philosophy of Education of Beijing No.4 High School: Model education and Co-development

The essence of its educational philosophy lies in resorting to conducts for conducts influence, to morality for morality development, to capability for capability improvement, to ideal for ideal setting up, to temperaments for temperaments cultivation, to stature for stature upgrading, and to personality for personality shaping.


Work Ethics of Beijing No.4 High School

Dedication to work, love of posts and concern for students


Beijing NO. 4 High School encourages its faculty to

keep learning all the time,

persist in self-development,

possess the awareness of being masters of the school,

and be happy in their life


Interpretation of Beijing NO. 4 High School’s badge

The outline of the badge: an irregular hexagon, which has already become the school icon, indicates the architectural features of the NO. 4 High School. In terms of visual effect, the irregular hexagon is more vigorous, open, steady sublime and dignified.

The streamer with the school name is the symbol of our students and faculties’ optimism and open-mindedness.

The ribbon in the middle is the symbol of the school’s noble quality and taste, and it signifies our sense of honor and mission.

Four stars can be interpreted in different ways: the educational ideal of looking up to the starry sky (far-sighted and aspiring); the No. 4 High School; the principles of running the school (the four combinations): the school motto (Industry, Precision, Democracy and Innovation); the development outlook (to keep learning all the time, develop themselves, possess the awareness of being masters of the school, and be happy).

The center is the former badge, which demonstrates our respect for history. The design of plum petals symbolize the unbending character, signified in the spirit of “not just to blindly follow authorities, to accept bookish ideas, to adjust to foreign judgments or to follow the fashion.” The middle part features the Chinese characters of “No. 4 school” and “eighty”, for this pattern was originally designed for the eightieth anniversary of the school in 1987 and was used as the school badge for a period of time.